Crowd Source Innovation Within Your Organization

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We believe that innovation happens at every level and with every aspect of your business. To fuel this innovation, you must equip your employees with the tools to understand and pursue their ideas that also provide guard rails to ensure success and the proper amount of thought for these ideas.

ThoughtHatch breaks down the innovation process from initial idea to a realized product/process/tool/improvement into a three-step process the encourages collaboration and additional thought cycles around the impacts that their ideas have to your business.



An idea is sparked. This happens at all levels of your organization and can impact any of your products, processes, or tools. It is essential to capture all of these ideas, elaborate on potential solutions, and push them through the proper vetting process. At this stage, all ideas are of equal value.



Ideas are refined. Other colleagues collaborate on the idea by asking questions, suggesting alternatives, and providing their feedback. Additional ideas may be created and existing ideas may be merged at this step. It is important to ask as many clarifying questions at this stage. All ideas must go through this process but a fraction of ideas will emerge as leading ideas once they have been crafted.



Ideas, approaches, and solutions have been mapped out. Employees with drive and passion for the idea have emerged through the definition process and the roadmap has been assembled. Only a few impactful ideas make it this far. Sponsorship/oversight of these ideas should come from leadership and should align with key business objectives.

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ThoughtHatch offers numerous features to enable your business to innovate without restricting your creativity. We're also continuously working to improve our services so please do not hesitate to contact us if there's something in our product that will be a differentiator for your organization.

Engage all of your employees and encourage them to work together spawning ideas
Executive voting
Enable a panel of executives to vote on ideas once they have been defined
Configure the styles, business rules, users, and much more
Robust security
Integration with you existing security model and other applications
Idea Expiration
Setup rules that expire ideas after a set period of time
Create campaigns that align to business objectives, business expansion, and yearly/quarterly planning
Mobile First
ThoughtHatch works on desktop, tablet, and mobile browsers
Enterprise Integration
Integration offerings for authentication and other IT applications
Built on the cloud as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, scale to your entire organization
Proven Innovation Workflow
A simple workflow that encourages thought from all angles of an idea
Notifications and Subscriptions
Custom notification settings by user that encourage continued work on ideas
Reporting and Analytics
Robust reporting and analytics capabilities

ThoughtHatch was built using the latest and greatest technology and frameworks. We offer technical features to enable ThoughtHatch to fit into your existing portfolio of technology applications:

Single Sign On
Leverages OAuth or SAML to integrate into your existing technology infrastructure
Scalable Micro-Service Architecture
Built natively on the cloud so you can depend on our application to always be available
Seamless API Integration
APIs that allow your other applications to plug into ThoughtHatch with ease
Software as a Service (SaaS)
SaaS offering that allows your buisness to focus on the business, not servers, upgrages, and availability
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We're happy to discuss your business's needs in the innovation space. Please fill out the form to the right or reach out to us via email with any questions, comments, or if you would like to discuss how we can help your business innovate.